Create apps or services for use by or in tandem with mobile devices. <<<<<Event schedule here

Mobile App Hackathon | @Illinos Tech | By MonkeyBars & IIT 


This is a mobile-themed overnight hackathon. We want to see your coolest ideas for a mobile app! It's that simple.  We will be providing food, activities, space, and everything else you need to have a great time while producing the best you can!
You can find rules on our website


IIT Galvin Library
35 W. 33rd St.
Chicago, IL 60616
The library is full of space! There's areas to collaborate and brainstorm, areas to hide away, and areas to sleep. Galvin library has plenty of comfortable and collaborative spaces. We have the run of the place all night!

Participants will be allowed to enter and exit the building as needed. We will have campus security guarding the event.


The event starts 7pm Friday November 13th 2015 and ends around 1pm Saturday November 14th.
You can find the event schedule on the website


Anyone is welcome to participate. Any current student or alumni status reguardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, or origin.


Along with the experience of hacking all night to produce an idea, there are many other reasons to go. We are close, but not yet ready to announce prizes. There will be job and networking opportunities. No matter what, we can guarantee you will learn great things!

WHEN Friday, November 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM (CST) - Add to Calendar WHERE IIT Paul V. Galvin Library - 35 West 33rd Street Chicago, IL 60616 - View Map

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$1,000 in prizes

1st Place

$500 in cash

2nd Place

$300 in cash

Peer Choice

$200 in cash
Chosen by vote from participants

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Must be a person...
Teams of only 1-5 people.


- Presentation

The only thing required for this is a presentation. This Presentation should show detailed screens/UI (if applicable) and should explain the product fully. Add a product demo if you can.
More information can be found at
The judges are acting as if they are potential investors. Pitch it to them the best you can!
Be prepared for 5+ minutes of questions. 


Nik Rokop

Nik Rokop
Industry Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship - IIT Entrepreneurship Academy

Bashar Elayyan

Bashar Elayyan
Founder - Tag About | Senior Associate Strategic Consulting - JLL

Marilee Bowles-Carey

Marilee Bowles-Carey
Principal - Marilee Bowles-Carey Design | Adjunct Professor - IIT

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation Content
    We're looking for clear and effective presentations. Are you left wondering what you just watched? Did the presentation effectively communicate what the product actually is? Was it clear and concise?
  • Presentation Design/Execution
    Essentially everything that is not the actual content. Did they finish within 5 minutes? Were the slides easy to see and understand? Where they well designed and engaging? Could you hear and understand the speaker?
  • Product Ease of Use/Implementation
    If this product is intended for consumers, is it easy to use? If this product is more of an addition or an intermediate technology, is it easily implemented (e.g. a diagnostics system for automobiles, could it be easily implemented on all vehicles)?
  • Product Practicality
    Is it a harebrained idea? We don't want to dismiss things that may be in the near future, but they still should be realistically implemented within the near future.
  • Thoroughness
    How well thought out is the entire idea? They've had 13 hours, does this seem like they really put effort into it?
  • Confidence to Invest
    Being a fake potential investor. How likely would you invest? How confident are you in the team's ability to take on this project? Did they answer questions well?